Tuesday, September 9, 2008

€15 For This?

OK, the Dublin Fringe Festival is going on this month. We we're online checking out the lineups to see if there was anything we would be interested in attending. We found this show...http://dublinfringefest.ticketsolve.com/events/events_for_show/701677.

It is advertised as the show with.....World renowned anal broom balancing, (WTF?), witty banter and profound commentary.

They're charging €15 for this? I can stay home and wrestle with my man in our underwear, hell we do that a lot. I didn't know I could make €15 while doing it!

The anal broom balancing, where did he learn to do that, in prison? And how many times did it take him before he perfected that move? I bet he has tons of horror stories he could tell about that! I thought I had some rough days, imagine coming home after a day of learning to sit on a broom. "Honey come sit on the couch with me." "No, that's OK, I'll just stand."

Of course, one good thing for him is that when he's in a bad mood and someone asks "What's wrong with you, got a stick up ye ass?" He can literally say, "Why, yes, yes I do."

I almost want to spend the money to see what the hell they are planning to do with all those balls on the stage.


rustedreflektion said...

lmao anal broom balancing? I want to see this

molepunch said...

Part of art appreciation is the willingness and open-mindedness to instead say "I am paying 15 Euros for a chance to be amazed by a new perspective." Diluting a performance or sport to a few basic motions and concepts (football: I'm paying $X to watch people toss and fuss over an olive shaped ball?) only serves to close you from it further.

That said, for some people, such a performance would be interesting. For others, a DVD of High School Musical works just fine. And some, just good old fashioned romantic cuddling at home.

It *is* amusing to say 'WTF I paid $X to watch some chick dance badly with fire', nevertheless. I'm in the art business, and there are definitely a lot of self-indulgent shit out there.

Jen said...

You should go, it could be a good show. Plus I would be intrigued just to see how someone does balance their ass on a broom. hehe