Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Flooding

With more rain expected in five of the next six days and at the level its coming down, Met Éireann is warning of a risk of flooding following heavy rain today and last night. This summer will go down in history as the wettest in nearly half a century, according to Met Éireann records, with torrential rain and flooding affecting many parts of Ireland.

Some homeowners and businesses are still engaged in costly clean-up operations after last months flooding hit Dublin, Mallow, Newcastle West and Carlow. Sligo has had to have drinking water flown in. People are being evacuated in certain areas, roads have been closed. To sum it up, it's a mess out there this week.


Jen said...

Ike is hitting the states in a few days. Both countries are getting slammed this summer with rain and floods. Be safe.

Jen said...

I love the song singing in the rain. At first I wondered what the hell song you were playing, then I read this and it made me laugh. You are such a nutter.

David said...

I hope ya'll escape most of the flooding that's expected there.

They are saying Ike is going to hit somewhere on the Texas coast. I hope it's farther down the coast.

American Irish said...

Be safe David. That storm is moving right towards your area.