Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ireland vs Georgia - World Cup

Its good to be home. I've been away at sea all week. I think I was starting to get a head cold. My ears are feeling like they are clogged up, like I am at a high altitude. I keep making myself yawn trying to pop them. Its a really annoying thing.

My roommate, my man, Hamish, and two other friends, along with myself are watching Ireland vs Georgia in the World Cup qualifying match in Germany. Ireland is currently winning 1-0. Hopefully we'll be able to get a win today and improve on our chances to make the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Tomorrow we're going to a party at friends house to watch Kilkenny and Waterford in the All-Ireland SHC final at Croke Park. This weekend is turning into one big party.

My man has been worried about me eating right, so he made a roasted turkey and a ham, rice, creamy mashed potato's, and corn for dinner. It was delicious, we all ate a lot. He wanted me to go to Mass with him tonight, but I don't know if that will happen. Its a rainy day, we ate a lot and had a couple drinks, everyone is now getting quiet and I think nap time is not far away. We're getting old, can't hang anymore. lol

As I've been writing this blog, all I keep hearing from my man, who is now stretched out on the couch, is that if I want my spot back on the couch I have to give him a foot massage. I've been ignoring him and now he is whining about how he slaved away in the kitchen for hours and how deserves this treat. If you could only see him, lying there, whining, its pathetic I tell you.

Well, halftime is about over, so let me go claim my spot on the couch and give him his foot massage. This is my life on this rainy Saturday night. Not very exciting, but I have good friends to hang out with, the love of my life to snuggle with, my cats sleeping close by on the back of the couch, and Ireland is winning. There is no place else I would rather be.


Anonymous said...

that's so sweet.

Kelly said...

aww, this is so cute. It was fun chatting with you guys tonight. You're all nuts. Helped me pass the time on my saturday night since Mike was too busy watching football all day. You need a better webcam though. Love ya.

American Irish said...

That was actually the webcam on Hamish laptop. My cam is down right now. But yeah, it was fun. We should do that more often. I miss you guys.

Mike said...

You need a haircut hippy.

American Irish said...

Yeah I know!