Saturday, January 19, 2008

Special Surprise?

Tonight we are getting dressed up and going out on the town. My man made reservations to Shanahan's for a nice steak dinner to celebrate my new job. He called me a little while ago to see if I was getting ready and he tells me he has something special planned for us after dinner. He won't tell me what it is and he didn't tell my room mate either who tried desperately to get info out of him. Now I sit here all dressed up, smelling good, looking good, hungry, waiting for my date to pick me up. My room mate is peering out the window looking for him to pull up in his car as if he we're my Dad. It suddenly feels like prom night.

The Coast

Shanahan's On The Green

So Posh!


Mike said...

Looks like a beautiful building. Enjoy the night, you deserve it bud!

Jen said...

I am jealous. I am eating pizza tonight and watching re-runs. I need a life.

Anonymous said...

I ate there, good food. A little pricey but the food is good.

Anonymous said...

how romantic