Sunday, January 20, 2008


Tomorrow morning we are taking the boat out for our first test run to the ocean as a crew. I am not really sure yet what to make of the crew. There are two that I like and get along with great. It's been raining and windy lately and the water has been rough. I am hoping we have an early spring to get calmer weather. Still, I am anxious to get going tomorrow, but I realize I need to be well rested. So when we got home today I decided to just lay around the house and nap and watch telly.

I was watching the Australian Open and fell asleep on the couch. When I started to wake back up, I heard the noise of the telly and was thinking to myself wow I must have fallen asleep. I stretched and opened my eyes to see my cat sitting right next to me, silently staring into my face. He scared the shit out of me and I jumped and that scared the shit out of him. I yelled at him, "What the hell are you doing?" and he suddenly started meowing back at me loudly with an annoyed look on his face and I thought he is probably asking me the same thing. Once both our hearts started beating again we raided the fridge for some food. Now he is sitting here licking his crotch and I am sitting here typing being jealous of him!

My room mate is working tonight at the restaurant. If I can find the umbrella, I think I will walk down there and have some dinner.


Anonymous said...

Helluva arse!

Jon said...

I wish I could lick my balls. It would make the cold nights go by so much faster.

Mike said...

That looks like your ass! Is that your ass? You better not be posting your naked ass on the internet!