Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nights Like This

I'm back and my friends have gone back to the States. We had a great time together, as usual. Feeling a little sad tonight now that they have gone. Not just because they have gone, but because there is nothing right now to look forward to which will help me pass the time until my guy returns.

I haven't heard from him in almost two weeks. I've been keeping busy and thought I was doing fine, but I hate nights like this when the stars are shining and its a romantic night, but there is no one to kiss. I keep remembering our first date, it was a cool night and I had forgotten my jacket and was cold. He took his jacket off, put it around me and we had our first kiss. It was a night just like tonight.

I have to go to bed soon, but I am not tired. I think I will go back out in the yard, sit in the chair, look up at the stars and watch the planes fly overhead and imagine where they are going and wonder where my guy is and hoping he is safe. Maybe he is sitting someplace, looking up at the stars and thinking of me.

Sept 11...To those lost, you are not forgotten. Rest in Peace. May the world someday learn to live in peace.


budajsguy said...

You're such a romantic, Butch. It's cute.

Jen said...


Myra said...

Aw my baby is sad. Hope you hear from him soon or that he comes soon.

Hamish said...

You need a good wank!

American Irish said...

Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. If Jane Austen were alive, she would probably write a book about me.