Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Beautiful Day

Cuas an Ghainimh at night. South of Dublin.

I'm Bringing Sexy Back. (Heard that song five times today. ACK!)

I love a moonlit night, so romantic. If only someone were here with me.

Dun Laoghaire Seafront

Seal (not the singer)

Did you know you can tell what kind of fishing a boat is allowed to do by its color.

Colours. Next time you see a fishing boat in the ocean or lake, remember the color and it will tell you what kind of fishing it is allowed to do.
Red = Drift net

Green = Draft net

White = Snap net

Blue = Rod and line

Orange = Other fishing engine

The Harbour at Howth

Jamie Bamber - now this is something I would love to catch. I would not be throwing him back for being too small!


Anonymous said...

vous êtes très sexy.

Jen said...

Great Pictures. I am just going to bed and you are already starting your day. Wierd.

Andrew said...

Great photos!!! That moonlight one is incredible!! Mind if i borrow it??