Sunday, September 2, 2007


One of my friends brought a Scorpion CD with him and we have been listening to them while they have been visiting. We are having a great time! Every time we are together we just goof around and it seems like all we do is laugh.

They have trashed the flat already in a couple days. I always thought I have a nice size flat until you try living with five other mates. We watched Casino Royale tonight. They were all talking about the fight scenes and car chase, but I was watching to see Daniel Craig shirtless. Funny how people can be watching the same thing and yet see it with totally different views.

My boss is taking us out on his boat tomorrow. That will be fun. So I'm off to bed. Speaking of bed, I am sharing mine with two of my closest mates. For a gay man who has not had sex in a month, being in the middle of two good looking men is very tempting. My best mate told me if he wakes up sore and I wake up smiling, I had better be buying him breakfast!

Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions

Still Loving You - Scorpions


Jen said...

So who makes a bigger mess of your apartment you neat freak? Us girls when we visited or your boys?

Kelly said...

At least we smelled good when we were there. Do they sell Fabreeze in Ireland?

Not Telling, you'll beat me up said...

You lot on a boat. Well if you get lost at sea and stuck on an Island, we know who the Queen will be. hehe

Mark said...

Buds a cheap date, he only wants breakfast after sex! What a slut.

Myra said...

You 3 in one bed, that must be a scene. Do you even get any sleep or do you ly there talking and gigglin all night?