Thursday, September 6, 2007

Be Back Soon

Today was a long day of work. I had to deal with some idiot on the phone today. I love the way some people think if they talk loud they are correct. Unfortunately for the guy on the other end of the phone today, he called someone who can talk just as loud as him. When he finally realized he was not going to outshout me, he calmed down, listened to what I had to say and realized I was correct and he had just made a complete buffoon out of himself. (gay sigh) Its hard being right all the time!!

I will be offline for a couple days. We are going to go see my cousin's Rugby team. So we will be hanging out at his place for a few days. Speaking of Rugby, isn't Ben Cohen the hottest Rugby player ever? Sorry cuz. No offense. Don't beat me up.


Anonymous said...

What a great chest!

Kelly said...

Tell your cousin we said hi and to answer his email.