Friday, July 20, 2007

Speaking Up

Anybody that knows me or has read this blog knows I have a thing for Shane Filan. I saw this interview I have attached when it first aired and loved what Mark and Shane said. I forgot about the interview for awhile, but the gay marriage talk lately in Ireland made me remember this interview.

They are being interviewed and Mark is asked about his relationship. When the interviewer makes a remark about how Mark doesn't need to get married because he can't have babies with his partner, Shane jumps right in and disagrees with that statement. His response just makes me love him even more.

I hope to one day get married to the man I love and adopt a child or two. The argument that gay people should not get married because they can't have children shows the ignorance of the person making the statement. I love that Shane called the interviewer out on it.

Also, here is a funny video of them talking about Mark coming out. I love how red-faced Shane gets.


Joey said...

In the video I hear him saying the "Me" word instead of the "My" word. You damned Irish messing up the Queens English.

Anonymous said...

Cool comments.

Anonymous said...

The interviewer is an ass.

Anonymous said...

Glad Shane and Mark spoke up. Why didn't the other two?

Anonymous said...

Luv the accent on you Irish men.