Saturday, July 28, 2007

Black Tie Night

Tonight we are going to a black-tie charity event to support an organization that raises money to help orphaned children from around the world.

This is a charity my cousin has been involved with for several years now. He has been sponsoring several orphanages in South America and I know when he finally settles down he will probably be adopting some children.

So when he asked us to attend the event I could not say no to the cause even though it means I have to dress up in a monkey suit.
But now that me and my guy have started getting dressed, its become somewhat fun.

Actually it's kind of sexy helping each other get dressed. Fixing each others collars and ties, attaching the gold cufflinks to the shirt, and buttoning his shirt up and helping him tuck it nice and neat into his pants. Of course I lingered on that part for a few moments. I do have to say he has a great ass in these black pants.

I just found out he rented us a car and driver for the night to pick us up and bring us home from the event. Which means we can both drink safely now.

Now I am hoping that we have a fun evening, they raise lots of money for the children who need some hope in their lives, and then we can come home, hopefully a little liquored up and we can start the real fun of the night undressing each other.

I have been listening to this song today as we get ready and it helps me get in the mood to go out tonight and have some fun on the town.


Anonymous said...

You two would look very handsome dressed up like that.

Margie said...

Send pictures, you two are cute in shorts. You must be gorgeous in black tie suit.

Hamish said...

Ye two becoming regular posh men. Gonnahavta stop hanging with ya soon. Give me a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I am lovin the song choice.

Kelly said...

Loving the pictures you sent us of that night. You two are very sexy together.