Sunday, July 15, 2007

Road Trip

Our weekend tour of Ireland is now over. We are home and relaxing. The cats went along with us this weekend and needless to say, they are glad to be back home relaxing in familiar surroundings.

I have been suffering from nose bleeds lately, so we skipped the bike ride in the morning and went to see a local doctor. He said it was probably being caused from stress and fatigue and that I need to rest for awhile and stop trying to do so much. No traveling, no surfing, no exercising. Just rest and relaxation. Hopefully these nosebleeds will clear up fast because I don't know if I can stick to a do nothing schedule.

I actually saw some real Shamrocks this weekend. Although I didn't find any four leaf clovers or Leprechauns.
At night and early morning, near the coast, the fog would roll in and everything became eerie looking. The cottage we stayed in last night was alone in the country. The nearest neighbors were miles away. The fog rolled in and engulfed the cottage. When you looked out the windows, you couldn't see two feet in front of you. It was almost as if the rest of the world ceased to exist and we were the only two people left on Earth.
Because of the amount of rain Ireland gets, everything stays green all summer long. We stopped to visit some of my mates friends and their families along the way. Everyone is very friendly, but I noticed the closer to the west coast of Ireland you get, the harsher the Irish accent.
Sunday night, time to relax and get ready for another week of work. Since I am supposed to take it easy for awhile, I think we will try and see some movies in the theaters this week.


Serpima said...

Nose bleeds? You best be taken care of yoself.

Jen said...

Oh baby, need me to come mother you? I miss hugging you.

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Your getting nose bleeds from trying to understand all that Irish slang. lol