Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July America

I love this video.

Create your own Fireworks display. This is a fun site.

Fireworks, Washington, DC

Valley Forge, PA - A Remembrance
It's sad to think of all the men and woman who suffered and died during the revolution. Granted destiny and fate decided that a new nation would be born and no nation is born without blood. But if they were alive today to see how history has unfolded and that the nations of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia are now the closest allies in the world, I wonder what their thoughts would be?

And to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our way life free from terrorists who wish to destroy everything we believe in, you will not be forgotten.
I hope that one day the world will find no need to sacrifice their sons and daughters and the world can live in peace.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday USA.

Anonymous said...

USA and Great Britian, the two best countries in the world. Even though they fought two wars against each other, they are now so much alike.

Anonymous said...

I love America. Happy Birthday.

Mike said...

Missed you during the picnic. It rained, but we still had fireworks.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back in the land of Erin. Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

I luv fireworks.

Anonymous said...

I live in Spain, but I too love the Americans and British. Happy birthday to you.