Sunday, June 3, 2007

Three Day Holiday in Sligo

We are in the middle of a three day holiday weekend as Monday is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. So my guy and I decided to drive to Sligo and check out the surfing spots. He brought along a couple of his friends and we have been having a great time.

Although I still need to find some time to sneak off and hunt down Shane Filan from Westlife, but that's a whole other story! I never realized how many surfing places there are in Ireland until we started checking into it. Ireland continues to surprise me and I am constantly amazed at the beauty of this land.
I love to surf and its been a great time teaching my mate how to surf. Some of his wipe outs have been classics. We bought some local fish for dinner that we cooked at the place we are staying. I had shrimp and they were really some of the best I ever had. Now my friend is tired and sore and lying down watching tv. But he told me he had a great time his first time surfing and wants to do it again.
I love being in the ocean, I could have easily been born a fish. I have thought about going to Alaska and becoming a fisherman. But lately I have been thinking about buying a boat and giving tours to tourists. Nothing would be better than to be on the ocean soaking up the waves, feeling the sun on your body and getting paid for it.
The only problem surfing Ireland is the water is very cold. But I am used to that living in Pennsylvania. We would go to the Jersey Shore or Maryland shores and the water was cold deep into the summer. But I do recommend a wet suit when surfing here.


Anonymous said...

Be careful!

Mike said...

That water must be cold, take bout shrinkage!

Carl said...

Do you ever work, damn!

Anonymous said...

Surfing in Ireland is like making snowmen in Mexico. Its just wrong.