Sunday, February 26, 2012

Irish Calendar

Tonight I'm working on the ship with a co-worker Ian updating some equipment.  He is a tall, thin fun, charming, dark-haired cute guy around 22 years old and if I have to be stuck working the night shift with someone I am glad it's him.  We made small talk for a few minutes and made some tea on this cool and misty night wondering if it was going to rain anymore and wishing for Spring weather.  

We then settled into unhooking the wires from two bulky monitors.  We always joke around when there is a limited crew that we may see a ghost and all that stuff.  Tonight we even talked about how we should put a spooky movie on one of the computers as we worked.  See if we could summon up something from the dead as he said.  As we worked we kept joking with each other telling different ghost stories that other people experienced on the ship.  Even though neither of us were really feeling scared, it puts the thought into your mind.  
We continued working for a while trying to untangle the mess of wires and except for a few comments about  the wire mess and some heavy breaths and sighs at how much it was annoying us to untangle the mess, the room was really quiet.  Only the sound of the ocean and other outside muffled noises could be heard.  You don't realize how much your senses relax and your body becomes calm when the environment is quiet.  

Needing to move the old monitors out of our way before installing the two new ones, we each picked up one and started to carry them through a passage way and to a storage room.  As I followed him, one of the doors that led to the deck opened and slammed shut at the end of the hall in front of us.  With this loud bang, he came to a sudden stop and I heard him make a guttural noise as his body twitched causing him to almost drop his monitor.  As he tried to hold on to the monitor he took a step back and banged right into my own startled self as I tried not to drop my own monitor.  We both sat the monitors down in the hallway and leaned against the wall as he muttered a swear word.  Looking at each other with a "that was not funny" stare, we agreed no more talk of ghosts tonight and we're going to put a comedy movie on instead, but not Ghostbusters!

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GVP said...

Haha... my mate and I have done that, and at the end we both got spooked out. We both ended up sleeping in the same room (not the same bed, lol).