Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Irish Accent

A recent poll by, an Irish dating service for straight and gay members, revealed that Irish people from County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland have the sexiest accent in the country. 

42% of Irish women and 39% of Irish men have admitted they go weak at the knees listening to the north-west accent.  

I have to admit that my Gareth can make talking about medical stuff sound sexy with his accent.  Sometimes I'll tease him as he's talking about something by sitting on his lap and I'll play with his tie or give him kisses on his neck and forehead telling to him to keep talking.  I'll ask him to repeat a certain word a few times. Then I'll tell him how sexy he makes the word sound.  The first few times I did this he would say the word and play along not realizing while it was sexy I was just teasing him.  It was a good way to seduce him and get him in the mood for awhile.  Now when I do it his face gets red and if he's in the mood he'll either play along or tell me to behave myself. 

The company's dating expert Avril Mulcahy said 'Accents have a way of drawing you in and holding you. It might sound assertive, confident, powerful or just downright sexy.'

The Tipperary accent finished bottom of the list with just 1% of women and 5% of men describing it as the sexiest accent.

Galway born television presenter Grainne Seoige was chosen as Ireland's sexiest female celebrity voice, getting 48.7% of the male vote.

Peter O'Toole topped the poll with a third of Irish women voting his the sexiest male celebrity voice. 

My favorite Irish celebrity voice Shane Filan.


Anonymous said...

Sexy accent.

Jen said...

His singing voice is even sexier than his talking voice.

Anonymous said...

Shane needs to record a solo album. Youse my fav.

Anonymous said...

You guys drive on the wrong side of the road. Just wanted to point that out.

Anonymous said...

he's so hot.

Bottom Pig said...

At 9:58 on the video you can see Shane's penis. The man is hung.

Anonymous said...

saw the penis and he is hung and well cute.