Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Couch And Lots Of Snacks

Easton Corbin - A Little More Country Than That

This is my first weekend alone since Gareth has gone to South Africa with nothing planned. I felt tired and run down most of the week and with a trip to sea coming up I decided to spend this weekend at home. I went to Dunnes on Thursday night and stocked up on food and drink and have spent the weekend lying on the couch watching movies, sports, and lots of news shows about the Yes vote on the Lisbon treaty. A couple friends wanted to stop over for a visit or wanted me to go out, but I wanted to just hang out at home and spend some time alone hanging out in my boxers. I have had a shower, but haven't shaved and now I'm debating on growing a beard.

I sprinkled some salt and pepper on a steak and cooked it in some extra virgin olive oil to go with some rice I made. I also made some brownies and will be munching on them for a snack as I watch some movies. That is my weekend so far. Hope yours is going good and remember if you do go out tonight, be safe.

I love the song I included in this post. Its one of my new favorite songs and the singer is easy on the eyes.


mannii said...

Hi (don't know your namelol), great blog. Hope u enjoy your weekend. u should definitely grow a beard 2 surprise your man when he comes back.

Brian Morley said...

I hope you get your batteries charged up, sounds like you know what you need right now..., take care and have a good weekend..

Jen said...

Love you. Miss you.

American Irish said...

Mannii, he may be gone until June of next year. That would be some beard by then. lol By the way, my name is Steve.

Hope you're all having a good weekend and Jen, love you too.

David said...

Luv the video. I know you're a country boy at heart, maybe you should go visit. Might do you some good and from what I read on your blog, you've lots of people there who'd luv to see ya.

American Irish said...

David, I've been thinking of it. I have some time. It's just such a long trip and right now my couch is still calling my name.