Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning

This weekend went quick. Gareth and I tried to video connect with each other today, but we kept losing the connection. He looks good, lost some weight and has a tan. Of course I'm recovering from the flu and looked like shit and my voice sounds like the cookie monster.

He suggested that he was alone in his room and I was alone here, so........but, before he could finish that thought I started sneezing and hacking and coughing and blew my nose a few times, cleared my throat and by the time I finished with that I asked him "You want some of this?" to which he laughed and replied all that I had going on wasn't going to work for him and changed the subject and the doctor in him came out and started talking to me about my medicines. We went on to talk about what has been going on in each others lives and he had some really interesting stories to tell me about things he's seen in South Africa.

At one point I asked him if he was glad to be in South Africa so he doesn't have to hear me whine while being sick. He stated with an almost serious face that he wishes he was here with me to take care of me. I almost believed him until I saw him doing a happy dance off to the side of the camera. I think I'll call him later on this evening and see if I can interest him into having a little dirty talk with the cookie monster.


David said...

You two are so cute. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...


What a nice post !
You're both very cute and in love.
I think that is good for the readers to follow your lives...

Thank you very much.

Thank you too for the post about Stephen Gately's funeral.

Have a nice week ! ( without illness.... lol

Laurent ( a French regular reader...)

WranglerMan said...

Get some rest, and then play hide the salami! Then go on to dunk that cookie in milk. Move on to toss the salad!

Now, if you want me to suggest kinkier games over the phone, you must promise to set me up with an Irish Rugger the next time that I'm in Dublin!!

Tonnya said...

Cookie Monster, the voice of sick people everywhere. Feel better soon!

WranglerMan said...

Actually, AI, could you get me the number of this fellow:

I'd love to hurl one at Mr. Cusack!

Hope you're doing better.

Runaway said...

Look the good side, if your voice isn't so good, you can play the "Do not talk, just Obey" game whit him!

Have a Nice week dude!

Joel said...

Monday morning... damn =(
Good to know things are going well with Gareth.
Good luck with the dirty talk with the cookie monster voice ;D
Hope you get well soon!

Anonymous said...

good that you are still having fun even though he is so far will have to tell me who is your contact great photo of the leinster lads....

Ing said...

OMG..I'm laughing so hard at the image that pop in my head. I can see you sitting there with your hand up a sock puppet of the cookie monster going who wants a cookie to! Sorry your sick. Poor baby hope you getting feeling better soon!

American Irish said...

Wrangler, you have too much time on your hands to call all your sex things by food names. lol

I called Gareth that night but he didn't answer. He called me yesterday but I didn't hear the phone and he left a message saying they were going to a village in the north and he would be out of cell service for a day. His loss, Cookie Monster was going to rock his world. lol