Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Night At My Place

I just got back home from having dinner with my old flat mate and his girl. I walk in to find Hamish sitting on the one end of the couch and my man Gareth sitting on the other end. Apparently, Hamish hasn't seen the Torchwood episode where Ianto dies, so they were watching that.

I noticed Gareth handing Hamish a box of tissues and when I get closer I see Hamish has a few tears running down his face and Gareth has a smirk on his face and is trying not to laugh. So I bend down and give Hamish a hug and take my hand and smack Gareth in the back of the head, which of course makes him laugh even harder as he gets up and walks to the bathroom for a piss.

While in the kitchen feeding the cats, Gareth walks in and gives me a big hug and kiss and I ask him what he wants to do with the rest of the night. We were both out on the water all day and had a long drive home and then he went to mass with Hamish and its rainy, so we don't feel like going anywhere. Gareth said lets just watch some telly, but he wasn't watching anything depressing with me and Hamish after the Torchwood episodes.

Before we could decide what we were going to do, Hamish got a call and decided he was going to go out and meet some friends for a drink. So it has become just me and Gareth for the rest of the night. We decided we're turning off the telly, lighting some candles, drinking some wine, and he is going to put on some slow music from his collection. We're going to spend the rest of the night slow dancing with each other. You don't have to get all dressed up and go someplace fancy to be romantic, you just have to be.

As I was writing this, he ran out the front door and I was thinking where is he going? But he came back in quickly and is now standing next to me with a flower in his teeth and his hand extended waiting for me to get up to dance with him. What a dork, but he's my dork and I love him! lol Enjoy your night, wherever you are.


Rob (trvlr64) said...

Ianto dies!!! WHAT?! HUH!?? When??! The new season hasn't started here in the US.

Tell me it ain't so!!!!!!!!


Runaway said...

Man I still can't believe they killed Ianto, he was the best 4ever of the serie!
I read in some forum on web that he just died in day four and I couldn't believe, I didn't want to believe!
Iando and his love for Jack are the reasons why I loved Torchwood!
I just watch the day two and I'm downloading the day three right now (because we don't have Torchwood on the Tv here in brazil) but I don't know if I'm gonna carry on watching torchwood after to see the death of Ianto. He's a character that captivated me in a special way.

I'm Glad for your Fun with Gareth!
Romantic moments are always good to take! =]
Have a nice week buddy!

American Irish said...

I read on the Torchwood link on my blog that they may start making the series in the states. John Barrowman won't be available til 2010. If thats the case, thats is probably why they are killing everyone on that series off so they can bring just him to the states for a new series. But it will suck because an American series won't go where this series went with the relationships.

American Irish said...

runaway, my bud. Have a good week too and thanks for the comment.

rob, do you need a tissue too? lol

Rob (trvlr64) said...

YES I DO !! Smart Ass!! LOL

Torchwood won't make it here in the US. Doctor Who only has a following because it's been shown on the SciFi (oops SyFy now....what jerk made that change!) Channel.

Torchwood was only seen on BBC America. As much as I love John Barrowman (sorry theater queen here too), they won't play up the gay under current if this show is moved to the US.

We're a puritanical backwards country when it comes to gay themes. Unless you're Ellen DeGeneres. Lesbians can be seen on TV but 2 gay men kissing would have the religious right up in arms. And the Republicans will have a field day over this too.

Kelly said...

I agree with rob. Americans can accept two woman, but not two men, especially two masculine men. Maybe on the coasts it would play, but in the middle america it would not go over well.

DjBlueJ54 said...

ianto is so cute, and i still have a lot of seasons to catch up on here in the US =)