Sunday, July 5, 2009

Enjoy Life

Just had a call here in the middle of the night from my friends in the states. They just got back from watching fireworks and are having a party. Apparently they are missing me and when they called even though they woke me from a sound sleep, I soon found myself on the couch laughing along with them. Even though an ocean separates us, I could close my eyes and imagine being there. My friends back home are never far from my thoughts, I think of them often and wonder what they are doing. It's nice to know that even though I'm gone from that close circle, I'm not forgotten and its comforting to know our friendship continues.


Mercutio said...

Great to hear that your friends are thinking of you, even if they aren't thinking of the time difference. I've only known you through this blog, but I can certainly understand why they value you so much.

Runaway said...

Friends are a big treasure!
I think that would be hard to be far from my friends 'cause they're always with me.
I often need to be with them to feel better.
Know that our old friends have not forgotten about us is such a good thing!
I'm glad for you and hope you have more calls from your friends =]

American Irish said...

Thanks for the nice comments from both of you. Wishing you both many laughs with your friends!

Mike said...

You'll never be forgotten dude, we love ya!

Kelly said...

I agree with Mike, we love you and miss you. As much as we miss you, we know you're happy where you are and remind Gareth we now love him too.