Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cafe En Seine Bar - Dublin

Today we went to the Cafe En Seine bar with some of Gareth's friends from the hospital. It's a little bit of French atmosphere right here in Ireland. It's a beautiful place to relax with friends and share a few laughs, which is what we did today.
But if you visit, I recommend you come during the day because in the evenings there is an expensive entrance charge and it gets crowded. The crowd becomes a mix of roughnecks and the elite with money and unlike my whiskey and coke, they just don't mix together well. Oh, and be prepared to spend money, the drinks are expensive. Not a place I would hang out at on a weekly basis, but nice to visit here and there.

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Joel said...

It really is a nice place to go during the day. The architecture and the interior design is just sublime. 8 months since the last time I was there... weird, used to love that place to have a coffee during the day.
Have a nice week.