Sunday, March 30, 2008

Get Out Of Dublin Free

Dublin a bad move in North Monopoly

The makers of a Belfast version of Monopoly have been urged to scrap the "Go to Jail" card with one which declares: "Go to Dublin".

Monopoly spokesman Graham Barnes said: “We have done some initial market research, and suggestions have been made by several people to replace the "Go to Jail’ card with a "Go to Dublin" card, which might not go down so well with some people.

“But at the moment it is a blank canvas and we are open to suggestions from the Belfast public,” he said.

Crumlin Road Prison is among the landmarks being considered for the famous board game.

Details of the proposed game plan are being unveiled later today on top of the giant wheel outside the City Hall. The traditional 33 places on the board will bear Belfast locations as chosen by the public.

Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers said: “I think it is a great idea, but it was a bit of a surprise, I never thought they would be looking at Belfast.”

Asked about replacing the "Go to Jail" card with "Go to Dublin" Mr Rodgers added: “I have no difficulty with it, I am a democrat and the people have a right to decide.”

A Web site,, is due open at the end of April where the public can vote on the locations they would like to see on the board. The new game is due to go on sale at Christmas.

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