Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dublin Rain and Flooding

Fear of flooding will result in the closure of Dublin city's boardwalk and some roads in Sandymount for a time this weekend.

Dublin City Council have erected sea defences and announced temporary road closures because of a flood warning. The council say there is a risk of flooding late on Sunday night and around lunchtime on Monday because of high tides. They have put dam bags on seafront areas in Sandymount, Ringsend and Clontarf.

They will also be closing the Liffey boardwalk and nine road sections in Sandymount during the alert periods. These periods will last from 11pm to 2am on Sunday night and 11.30am to 12.30pm on Monday. A council spokeswoman said the measures are part of an early warning system and the situation will be monitored over the weekend.

A Met √Čireann spokesperson said it is too early to say what conditions will be like.

Met Eireann has issues gale force warnings of well over 100 km/h on Sunday, with stormy conditions set to continue on Monday.A spokesman said: “Some areas may receive as much as 20-30mm of rain through this stormy period.“The storm will finally die down during the first half of Tuesday, the rain breaking up into showers at that stage as winds settle back to the south west.”

“Dublin City Council will be putting in place some coastal protection measures for the period.“As a precaution, sandbags will be made available in the next day or so to householders who may be vulnerable to flooding as a result of these high tides.“You are advised, where possible, to block your driveway and access to your property.”


Kelly said...

Be careful.

Mike said...

At least you'll be able to catch your ship at your doorstep instead of driving to the docks. lol

American Irish said...

You're an ass! lol

Mike said...

I'll be seeing you in one week. Can't wait to celebrate St. patricks Day in Ireland. How cool is that gonna be?

American Irish said...

See you then, on my my way out now. See you friday. Make sure you call him to let him know when you arrive so he can pick you up.

gerryb said...

Saol Fada Chugat
Want to wish you all a grand St. Patrick's Day. Have a great visit with your friend Mike.