Sunday, March 30, 2008

Early Morning Shower

My man is home, yeah! I was sitting at the computer when he walked in the door chatting with one of my friends online. I felt him come up behind me and lean over me and he kissed my neck. The smell of his cologne, his arms wrapping around me, I turned to kiss him knowing that everything was alright with my world tonight for he was home.
We got a little carried away with the kissing and when I turned to look at the computer to sign off with my friend, I noticed all kinds of misspelled gibberish from when one of us leaned on the keyboard and it got sent to my friend. I had just finished writing that he was home before that was sent. His response when he saw the gibberish was "Oh God, are you having sex, get off the keyboard. I am out of here." and he signed off. It gave us both a good laugh, so I just wanted to clear that up with my friend when he reads this. No we we're not having sex, although he is going to take a shower right now and I need one to, so I think I will head off now and see which one of us drops the soap!

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Anonymous said...

Your posts are always funny. I like that you don't take yourself so serious like other bloggers.

Ryan said...

Yeah, you are hilarious :P