Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Pope, Same Doctrine

So a new pope has been elected, first one not from Europe, which was expected.  The Catholic Church joins the Republican party in making it a mission to win over the latino demographic.  But apparently there will be no reform under his leadership to bring  the church out of the dark ages where gay marriage is concerned based on his previous statements on the subject.  Maybe he can work some reform to include woman in more of the church leaderships roles, but only time will tell. 

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P. Florindo said...

I still don't expect a revolution in church, specially concerned about gay marriage, for example. I just expect a little more of respect. I read that cardinal Bergoglio was against same-sex marriage in Argentina, but I don't see him as a hater. I don't know if you now but, here in Brazil, an extremist evangelical is occupying the position of president of the Human Rights and Minorities Commission in the Brazilian Deputy Chamber (Marco Feliciano, his name)... yes, Brazil is becoming a teocracy. What I mean with that? That well, Pope Francis may not agree with same-sex marriage, just as lots of close-minded Catholics, but I don't think he will use his position to start a cruzade against gays just like Deputy Feliciano.

Despite of that, I think he may be a great Pope. He's charismatic and simple, not cold and distant like Benedict XVI was. I'm optimist that things in Church will change for better and, consequently, society too.