Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will Ireland Elect A Gay Man As President?

The Independent Senator David Norris from Dublin has launched a campaign to secure a nomination to contest this year's Presidential Election. He said it will be a challenge, but the support he has received so far should be helpful in securing such a nomination.

Speaking at the announcement, he said the time has come for a political revolution that puts the needs of the people first. He wants to bring vigour and renewal back to the country, and he is putting his name forward with 'a sense of duty and resolve.

Senator Norris said he has written to all the chairpersons of every county council in the country.

Asked about canvassing newly-elected Independent TDs, he said he would be speaking directly to all of them and he would seek support whenever he could get it.

Mr Norris said as president he would not need the full salary, and that he would place a portion of it to one side, which would set up a fund to make the presidency more accessible.

Mr Norris said his sexuality has not been an issue, but if it is, he will deal with it. He would not see himself as a gay president but as a president who happens to be gay, he added.

Asked about campaigns opposing him from right-wing groups, he said he could not prevent a hostile view, but said he had lived a decent and good life.


Anonymous said...

Stephen I dont think Ireland is ready yet to elect a gay President....I hope I am wrong because he would make a great President.

Barry said...

I hope that we Irish would have no problem electing a person worthy of the office gay or straight.
Personally, I don't think that Senator Norris is the right candidate