Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Role Play Movie

Role Play is a film by Rob Williams that has some nice scenery, and I'm not talking about the plants around the pool. lol
Steve Callahan, who plays Graham a soap opera star, finds his career is in trouble after the release of a sex tape on the internet by his ex. Matthew Montgomery, who plays Trey a gay marriage activist, finds himself having his own publicity issue when a story is released that he’s divorcing his husband. The two seek solice in each others misery and find refuge at a resort while dealing with their issue.

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Pedders said...

Oh God, NSFW at all xD
Geez, he's really hot.
I saw him in many gay movies but never got to see this one. Thanks for the suggestion.
Cheers and have a good st. patrick's day. Don't drink and drive mate ;)