Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ocean Darkness

Working an overnight shift on the ship working with some of the crew on some tests. Its been a long night and seems like we've been here two nights in a row without daylight.

Getting tired now as morning approaches. Its hot in here tonight and I feel kind of sticky and sweaty. Can't wait to get a shower and go to bed. I can almost feel the cool softness of the sheets in my bunk calling me name. I think I'll sleep good and sound when I get a chance.

Love to hear the sound of distant ships and their fog horns echoing their arrival. I tried to tape it, but its too dark and the sound of the ocean drowned it out on the tape. I'll try to capture that another time.

I was just looking out a porthole and either its beginning to drizzle or a sea monster is spitting on the window at me.

My test is finally completing and I can now go get a shower and sleep. Everyone enjoy your day or evening and remember to keep those in Japan in your thoughts and pray that they can get those reactors under control. Love you all. Ah, bed here I come.


Anonymous said...

Sleep tight.

Jen said...

You're back to sea, I bet that feels good for you.

Pedders said...

Have a good night mate.
Enjoy St. Paddys day, surrounded by those who truly matter to you.
All the best from Malta!