Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Cup Playoff Fever

This Saturday, the Republic of Ireland is scheduled to play France in Croke Park, Dublin as part of the playoff round to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It will be a "Green" out at the stadium as everyone is being asked to wear green and be loud to show their support.

I will be in attendance cheering loudly for the boys in green to pull a major upset of the French side. Even though Ireland comes in undefeated and finished second in its group, it will still be a tough task to upset a major power such as France.
The French manager has pissed off many Irish fans with his evaluation of the Ireland team as “nothing more than the England B team” since a majority of the Irish players play in the English leagues.

Kevin Doyle said, "We're feeling confident we can win although other people will feel we don't have much chance."

Shay Given, considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world will be the key to keeping Ireland in the game.

Playoff schedule:
Ireland v France
Portugal v Bosnia-Herzegovina
Greece v Ukraine
Russia v Slovenia

Ireland v France, Sat 14th November - Croke Park
France v Ireland, Wed 18th November - Stade De France


Vévé said...

Hey Steve :)
I'm French :)
From France... and half Italian, but that's another story lol

and I know that "you" will be hard to beat as "you" were at Rugby :)

Good luck and Great "fight" to us all !
whatever the outcome, there go 2 awesome countries :)

American Irish said...

Good luck to your side too Veve, but not too much luck. lol

Rick said...

I saw this on loads of websites and forums today: (apartently its got over 100,000 hits so far and even the French are twittering about it!!)

Its basically leaked letters between two Irish and French diplomats about President Sarkozy request for a VIP box for the Ireland V France match in Croke Park. The Irish diplomat gets slightly confused.....Very funny!!

P. Florindo said...

Let's go, Ireland!

I don't like France soccer team since they beaten Brazil on the 1998 World Cup Final. I also like Ireland because of its culture and music> i have trwo reasons to support the Irish team.

I believe that Portugal, Ukraine and Russia will qualify.

Joey said...

I love the French, and two of my best friends are from France. In this case I want Ireland to win, though. (But best to all).

Vévé said...

Hey again Joey :)
thx for your mitigated support lol

Steve, I'm watching the game live on TV5 here in Québec... I think I saw you with your arms in the air LOL
23:17 minutes into the game :)

Vévé said...

17H00 Québec time...

Steve, I'm sorry :(

I looooove you :)))

Rocky Garcia said...

Goodluck to all of you guys!

American Irish said...

Veve, love you too. Congrats for tonight. I can't believe they gave up a late goal, I thought it would be 0-0 going to Paris and then anything can happen. I can tell you one thing, a lot of alcohol was consumed in Dublin last night!

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