Monday, November 30, 2009

Ocean Fog

We're back to sea for a for days. I'm using one of my crew mates phones to make these posts. Not sure if they'll go through or not. It's very foggy out tonight, like pea soup they say. Stood outside on one of the side decks, stuck my hand out in front of me and it disappeared in the fog.
All I need now is to turn on the radio and hear Adrienne Barbeau's voice on the radio!


Rob said...

I would love to be there right now!

WranglerMan said...

I love the fog! For some reason, it inspires hope and creativity in me, especially when you catch a glimmer of a ray of the sun!

Be careful out there on the seas!

Anonymous said...

That would be a bit scarey, but wonderfully fun at the same time.

Jen said...

It's snowing here today, first of the season.