Monday, November 30, 2009

Safe Drivers

Ireland has the most law-abiding drivers in Europe, according to a survey released today. Irish drivers were least likely to drink and drive or to use hand-held mobiles while at the wheel, the poll of 8,000 drivers showed.

They were also far less likely to drive without a seatbelt, to speed or jump the lights, according to the survey by insurance company AXA.

As well as drivers from Ireland and Britain, the survey covered motorists from Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Luxembourg.

Looking at 11 possible driving offences, the poll found that the most law-abiding drivers were Irish, followed by British, with Spain in third place and Switzerland fourth.

The survey showed that just 3% of Irish drivers admitted to driving while under the influence of alcohol against a European average of 21% and a massive 40% in Luxembourg.

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Pedders said...

The Portuguese 'driving-scenario' is, lets say it in one word, scary! I just came back from holidays there and I couldn't control my nerves whenever I was driving because of others. 15% of Luxembourg is made of Portuguese people... picture that now =)
Yes, I do feel safer in Ireland both driving and crossing a road.