Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spending The Day On The Water

Gareth and I haven't had much time to ourselves lately with me being away at sea for almost a month and him preparing for his time in Africa. So this weekend I made plans for us to spend the weekend at sea. Gareth is getting to experience what has become a huge part of my life being on the ocean water.

Needless to say he hasn't found his sea legs yet and he wouldn't make a very good sailor. He should definitely stick to medicine.

He's taken to calling me Captain Butch now because I keep barking orders at him. That's his version, I'm merely asking him to help me do some things I need help with so we don't sink. I think he's plotting a mutiny against me, I saw him whispering to a seagull.


Ing said...

You better watch yourself he's probably planning on doing some!

Vévé said...

guys, you're so perfect together I say !
tell Gareth if you ever do sink... I think he might know a thing or two about mouth to mouth :)

Anonymous said...

Well it could be worst, he could have called you Popeye!

Damo Mackerel

Jen said...

Sounds like fun, you two are having a lot of fun lately. Making good time of the time you have left together before he goes to Africa. Wish you the best.