Monday, May 11, 2009

Henry Cavill - The Tudors - Season 3

This top picture is the background on my computer right now.


Myra said...

Shane is gonna be jealous. hehe

Joey7777 said...

He's so f----n' hot.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool photo.

Wendy said...

Thanks for bringing this man to my attention! I had never seen him until your blog. I must have been living under a rock or something. He's got to be one of the most perfect looking men I've ever seen!

TheAnneBoleynFiles said...

He is gorgeous isn't he?!

I think he's a great actor too, the way he played the scenes of the massacre of the Pilgrimage of Grace villagers and when he saw the vision of the dead man while he was fishing - brilliant! He really showed the guilt and the mix of emotions that the Earl of Suffolk must have felt carrying out such cruel and needless acts of murder.

J Martin said...

Been reading/following your blog for a while. Nice blog, can't wait for your next post.

Joel said...

I fell in love with this guy the first time I saw him in The Count of Monte Cristo movie. Such a great example of male perfection =)
p.s.: the movie is one of my favs aswell

Joel said...

hey, by the way, great playlist you've got there!

Runaway said...

Hey American Irish, how are you?
My name is Frandor!
I read your blog for some time, since Oct. 2008 I think, and I like it very much! I love the pictures and to read about you and Gareth and Ireland, and everything else =)

I did not comment before because I wasn't sure if I would write correctly!
I'm Brazilian and I'm learning English about a year, but I was studying on my own even before that.
So, I didn't comment in your blog before because I did not feel safe in writing.

A little time ago I created a blog for me, a way to improve my English, so thanks to my Blog, I had the courage to post in your blog. Well if you want to take a look at my blog, I would like very much ^^

I hope you keep Bloging, I love your blog a lot!

PS: Sorry for my grammar! I still have a little difficulty to translate things I thought in Portuguese to English!

Shane Filan said...

You bastard are you cheating on me with this dude? WTF?? LOL!!!

American Irish said...

Hello all and Runaway, welcome and don't worry about your spelling here.

And to Shane, I take no pleasure in looking at this man. I only post him for the readers of this blog. You believe that right?