Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks For The Laughs

Thanks for the laughs! Rest In Peace.

The Golden Girls were one of my all time favorite shows. I just heard the news about Estelle Getty passing. I know she has been ill for years and wasn't really there anymore mentally, but its still sad to hear of her passing.


Sebastien Flynn said...

Definitely the best show of the 80s. When you see it you forget how groundbreaking and controversial some of their story lines were especially since we were young when it was on (b. 1979). I think I really started to appreciate it in college for some reason. Remember the episode with Blanche's gay brother.

"I don't really mind Clayton being homosexual, I just don't like him dating men," said Blanche"

You really haven't grasped the concept of this gay thing yet, have you?", Dorothy replied.

"There must be homosexuals who date women," Blanche insisted

Sophia replied, "Yeah, they're called lesbians".

I didn't realize until I read it in the NYTimes that Estelle had a gay nephew who had AIDS in the early 90s and had no one who could care for him. She flew him to California and cared for him. Apparently she was a big supporter of gay rights in California all these years.


Kelly said...

Very sad.

American Irish said...

I caught the show in re-runs and fell in love with it. Very well written, had great actresses, and I hope I'll be a bit like them when I get older and have as much energy as they did on the show.

Sebastien said...

AIrish - I think secretly all of us gays hope were a bit like them when we get that old. :-)