Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Evening Bike Ride

Tonight I'm on my own since my man works, my flat mate is at the movies with his girlfriend, Hamish is in Sligo, and the rest of my friends are doing something I don't want to do. So I decided to go out for an evening bike ride.

It's a beauitful evening and I just want to be outside and enjoy it, not stuck in a pub or at home. I am packing my camera, some water, and a slice of blueberry pie a friend made for us.

I think I will find a nice spot and sit and watch the sunset and the stars come out. Maybe get some good pictures of the nighttime scenery that I love so much here in Ireland.

I wish everyone a great weekend and I hope you're having a great Saturday night wherever you are.

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Sebastien said...

Enjoy it while you can. Winter is the time to spend indoors at home and in pubs. Summer you should spend every moment you can outside.

Like you said, especially in the evening. Summer nighttime is magical.

Sarah said...

Would luv to sit on a mountain with ya watching the sunset and making a wish on the first star of the night. Would you share your blueberry pie with me?

American Irish said...

um, you know I'm gay right? lol

Jen said...

I wanna sit there with you too!

American Irish said... just want my blueberry pie!

I'm out for the ride, talk to you all later.

David said...

Hope you enjoyed your ride. That last pic is nice.

Anonymous said...

Sexy legs. Would love to go for a ride with you, or just ride you!