Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breakfast And A Bike Ride

We're going for a bike ride today. I talked him into it. We're going to have a good breakfast of raisin bread, eggs, bacon, OJ and Milk. I'm making the breakfast now as he takes his shower.

I have a lot of pent up energy I need to release today. I was going to go do martial arts but he wanted to spend the day with me. Spending the day with him is my number one relaxation, but I didn't want to sit around the house. So I came up with the bike ride idea and he went along with it. Although, he just walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but his towel. His black hair and hairy chest still a little bit wet, his body is glistening in the early morning light as he steals a piece of bacon. I wonder if its too late to suggest we just stay in bed all day.


Mike said...

Good to hear you two finally got to spend some time together. Your cousin is here, he is staying in Lancaster for two weeks. He told me to tell you hi. His friend made me a homemade shoefly pie. So good.

Anonymous said...

I love eating breakfast any time of day.

Sebastien said...

Hope you had fun. You two sound like the cutest couple. I am moving to Dublin later this year. Dreaming to find a man a awesome as yours sound. Wish you two the best of luck.

P.S. - Love Men in Kilts series (its awesome).

American Irish said...

Mike, tell him to call me. Since he moved I don't know how to reach him.

Sebastien, good luck on the move, you will love Dublin.