Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Cornbread Is Done

The cornbread is done and cooling.  Gareth was delayed at the hospital and should be getting home around 11pm.  Since we'll have a late dinner now, we've changed the menu up and have decided to just eat some cornbread with some warm honey drizzled over and a bowl of chilli. 

I was watching the movie the Immortals earlier and got so bored with it I took it off and now I'm watching Thor.  I'm also finding myself bored with this movie too.  Not sure if its just because I feel a bit tired right now or if they are just boring movies.  Maybe I'll try to watch them at a later date when I don't feel so tired. 

Oops, forgot to turn the oven off, I guess I'm more tired than I thought.  I think I'm missing the cool breeze from the sea that keeps me awake when I'm on the ship. 

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Anonymous said...

Love cornbread.