Sunday, September 4, 2011

The World Down Under

The last month for me has been crazy times.  Hopefully things have been going more peaceful for you.  I have a cousin who has a house in Sydney, Australia and has been emailing me for a few years asking me to come down and visit.  He's been inviting me down for a few years now and while I really wanted to go, I just never made any plans to go.  But when a last minute chance opened up for me to travel with some friends to go see the Irish national team play in the Rugby World Cup I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to make my visit. 

Since I was out at sea for several weeks, I left it up to Gareth and my cousin Mike to make the plans.  So I went to sea for my few weeks and I have to take a moment here to mention I was able to take my cat with us for his first visit at sea.  At first he was scared of the new surroundings, although the car ride to the dock was more stressful to him.  It was great having my little buddy along for the voyage he really enjoyed the attention he received.  

Returning home from the voyage I found that Gareth had backed out of going along for work obligations and wouldn't be going with me.   I had just a few days to rest before heading out on the long flight to the other side of the world.  I was beginning to think the world was getting smaller everyday, but after this flight I can attest that its still really big. 

While our group arrived a bit tired and weary, we made it.  Unfortunately, one of my bags didn't.  So anyone that finds my bag let me just state the Justin Beiber shirt was a gift for a friend, its wasn't mine.  No really, seriously.  

My cousin met us at the airport and I couldn't tell you how nice it felt to be on the ground and seeing the sites of the city.  I could spend my life on a ship, but a plane, not so much.  Sydney is probably the most beautiful city I have ever been too.  I have been amazed by so many things since arriving.  

My cousin has a beautiful home.  I joked with him that even though he bought it already furnished, I loved his decorating touch of half dead house plants, dirty clothes and probably some clean ones thrown around his bedroom floor, and lots of half eaten take out food sitting on the counter of the kitchen, not from the night before, but from three nights before.  You can tell he is still a bachelor. 

It's about 7:15 am right now if I'm looking at the clock right.  Still suffering a bit from jet lag.  Which reminds me, one of our group didn't know about jet lag.  So we told him he was feeling weird because he was in Australia and upside down and the blood was rushing to his head.  That was a good laugh.  As mentioned above, not much food wise I trust to eat from his place, so there is a group of six of us going out for breakfast. 

I'll write more when I get a chance.  I'm missing Gareth a lot right now, so I want to call him before we leave.  Everyone else, enjoy your morning or night. 


Anonymous said...

You have been missed :)
It seems that you have just picked to right time to come down-under; it's finally spring.

Nudge your cousin to take you to the fish market, the beaches for eye-candies try some Japanese food, go to Chat Thai restaurant and taste some Aussie wine.

WranglerMan said...

You'll be back in each other's arms before you know it!

JonnyWVa said...

Have fun in Australia!! If you see my friend Iris Ye out tell her I said "hello!". She lives in Sydney.

JonnyWVa said...

Darn, you're in NZ. Well, have fun there too!