Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back Home With Cravings

We're back home now from our trip to Australia and New Zealand.  The Irish team is 2-0 in the world cup with wins over the USA and Australia.  It was a great time, lots of food, drink, laughter and travel.  Way too much travel, I need a vacation from my vacation.  I'll go through my pictures later and maybe post some more, but for now I am going to get a shower and crawl into bed with my cat and take a long nap before Gareth gets home from work. 

I have a craving for two things right now.  One is pineapple.  While traveling I developd a craving for pineapples.  Don't know why, but I'm craving pineapple.  Wierd.  So Gareth is going to bring home take out of Pineapple Chicken and Rice.  The second item I'm craving right now is Gareth.  I can't wait til he walks in the door and I can see that smile of his, pull him tight and just be close. 


GVP said...

I hope you enjoy your time in Aus.

Your second craving just left me smiling, there.

MommieDammit said...

Pineapple... congratulations, your pregnant.

Anonymous said...