Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Really, Seriously?

Ireland has been hit with heavy snows and winds this winter season and after my reason illness I've been trying to avoid going out in the cold except when necessary. I did venture out yesterday to go to the grocery store, but came right home.

There is no real reason I can't go outside now as long as I don't overdue it and I dress appropriately with a coat and not just in a pullover. Its all psychological at this point. I'm just scared to catch the flu or anything like it because the doctors have told me until my body heals it will be susceptible to germs and I really don't want any setbacks at this point.

For awhile as I recovered the doctors put restrictions on me from doing any kind of physical activities, which was fine with me since I didn't have the strength to even sit up most days. I gave up the working out and have put on a few pounds. I couldn't go out to sea and was stuck doing a limited amount of paperwork from bed when I had the strength. Doing any kind of physical activity caused me to cough and sweat and it definitely put me out of the mood for sex. Heck, my little guy even stopped greeting the mornings with a salute as my body had more pressing issues to deal with.

As the days went by and my body began to heal and I gained some strength, my body started to come back to life again but not enough to go the distance. Instead, Gareth and I spent many hours just kissing. I've always loved kissing Gareth, he has very kissable lips, nice and moist and soft and I just love kissing him. But with me not having much energy at the time and him being a healthy male we were at two different stages. I was happy to just snuggle and be close to him and kiss him, but then he would press against me as we kissed and I could feel what he was thinking pressed against my leg or my hip and I would stop kissing him and say "Really, Seriously?" at which point he would roll over onto his back and sigh or jump up and say I'm hungry and go make something to snack on.

So now that I feel much better and I start to initiate something he keeps avoiding me and stating, "Really, Seriously?" This has been going on for a week now and it's really starting to get annoying since he is now adding "I'm not a piece of meat you can just take when you want" or "I have a headache" and then he wonders off snickering thinking he's cute.
So I told him, fine if you don't want to do it, I don't want to do it. Then he replied, if you don't want to do it, I don't want to it. I then said, you'll be begging for it soon. At which point he yelled I'll never beg for it and I said "yeah, uh huh." at which he started repeating "Yeah, uh huh".

So now we have this stupid competition going on, but we're both so competitive that neither one is giving in. Last night in bed he loves to put his leg over my leg and fall asleep. He did this and I yelled like the best two-year old would do "You're touching me." At this point he rolled over in bed and huffed and moved his leg away. During the night I must have snuggled into him during sleep and he actually tapped me on my shoulder and woke me up just to say "You're touching me".

One of us is going to have to be an adult and give in and state the obvious that this is stupid and we're not going to do it anymore. The other one will then become an adult again and admit that it was stupid and for most people that is where it will end. But with us, it will lead to the one who held out the longest quickly sliding back into kindergarten mode as he does a victory dance and yelling "I told you I would outlast you." At which point, the one still being an adult will ask "Really, Seriously?" and we'll have come full circle.


Anonymous said...

You two are pathetic mess. I love it. hehe

David said...

Anyone give in yet?

Anonymous said...

This must be into its second week by now, still ongoing? Do ye not realise what ye are doing? When eventually one of ye capitulates (you AI), will ye not look back and think to yourselves (yourselfs?!), wow, that was two weeks of missed lovey dovey sessions never to be gotten back?!

Give in now AI, I've giving you the perfect reason to do so.


Anonymous said...

cut it out. right now!! you two have something special. don't do anything to jeopardize that. enuf said!
happy new year guys!

American Irish said...

I actually gave in. What can I say, I love doing things to his body. lol

Katisha Moreish said...

Phew, glad to hear you gave in. Keep on loving each other :)