Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Washed Ashore

In wierd news , its been reported that about two to four hundred plastic butter containers washed up on a beach in Cork. Authorities think they may have come from one of seven shipping containers lost in stormy weather from the BG Dublin that was enroute to Cork last month.

Local residents say a stretch of coastline from Shanagarry to Ballycotton is littered with hundreds of empty Kerrygold and Sainsbury-brand Butterlicious containers.

Another contained sodium bromate - a hazardous material used in dyeing. But initial concerns it might lead to a pollution incident abated as it is soluble in water.


Anonymous said...

strange and interesting...and makes for a wild photo;)

Pedders said...

Glad to have you posting again mate! Hope you're better!
May I be forgiven but this is kinda funny, instead of dead Wales or Seals old Eire has something more contemporary... butter containers laying on the shore =)
I'd be 'dying' if I had no Kerrygold in Malta.
Thanks for sharing.