Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kyle And Oliver - One Life To Live

Alone At Last

Someone told me about this storyline on OLTL back in early November and I checked it out online and I've been hooked every since. As The World Turns has a gay storyline, but I never got into that one. Those characters hardly ever kiss and act like a real couple, so I lost interest fast. So when I checked out OLTL I wasn't expecting much, but have been really surprised by the chances this show is taking with these characters on American daytime television. They hold hands, kiss and what kisses, very sexy! They often tell each other they love each other and are very playful with each other. They get to do everything the straight couples do on the show. I also like the fact that both characters are masculine and not the typical stereotype. The scene above where they are finally alone is very real feeling and acting. The fact that I think they are both handsome men is a nice plus.

If you haven't checked them out, I recommend doing so. Here are a couple videos to get you started in discovering them.

Their Love Story

I need you now



Anonymous said...

but trouble is looming, cause Kyles old boyfriend is back.... I love this show have watched it for yrs;)

Anonymous said...

Stephen I think I wrote before on your blog about the issue of gay men in sport when Donall Og came out little did I know that in a short time Gareth Thomas of Wales would come out. I think it is wonderful it shows the uneducated that NOT all gay men are camp or queens...gareth thomas certainly is not. Good on him

Pedders said...

It's an amazing show indeed. The acting is really good, not the typical fake-plastic-performance. Everything that happens could be happenning to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
As you said, they don't follow stereotypes, which is good and they sure are damn sexy couple!
Anyway, Happy Christmas to you, Gareth, your loved ones and all the readers of your blog! May Christmas be every days in our hearts and minds.
Gotta clean my place for tomorrow's big night, there's still plenty to be done.

p.s.: I hope Gareth gets home safe and sound.

Pedders said...

just a small p.s.:
I'm definitely in love with Lady Antebellum's song Need You Now from the second video you posted!
Thanks for sharing =)

Stephen said...

Happy Holidaze to you & your guy!
You were my 1st blog that i stumbled across & you are responsible for my joining in the world of blogging. Best Wishes from Portland, Oregon USA

American Irish said...

Merry Christmas everyone.

Ing said...

Wow that was sweet. I will have to DVR OLTL to catch this. I haven't watched that soap in a long time but have to check this storyline out.