Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Lights

This is a close up picture of our Christmas tree in the living room with Gareths cell phone. He pulled the mattress out under the tree last night and we spent the evening under there. The cats, apparently aware Santa was coming to bring them treats last night, slept near their stockings. It took me three attempts to sneak a gift into their stockings without waking them.

Gareth and I didn't get much sleep last night, so we exchanged gifts around sunrise. I gave him a new MP3 player because he lost his in Africa, a remote control airplane he can fly when the weather gets better, and some new luggage for when he travels, plus some new clothes and pants, and I bought four new tires for his car. He got me some African handmade bowls and a mini set of a Zulu shield and spear and a ticket to come to South Africa with him in January.

We went to see his nieces and nephews this morning and watch them open their gifts. I'm cooking a ham right now and we're about to have a small dinner with friends. I'm really tired right now and ready for this holiday season to slow down, but as tiring as its been, the memories we're making will last us a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful tree....sleeping under the tree, how romantic....Your love for each other shows in your writting....wonderful;)

Merry Christmas

HH said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

Michael Rivers said...

Love the lights! They look beautiful.

Tonnya said...

What a romantic Christmas!! Glad Gareth was able to spend the holiday with all of his loved ones.

Pedders said...

Rainbow Christmas lights, love them! I was only able to find them in yellow - which is better than nothing =)
Seems like you had an amazing Christmas. I'm glad you're enjoying this season with people you love!
Gareth and your cats are really lucky =)
Have a good boxing day as well.

Anonymous said...

wonderful times.. so great to hear :)

Ing said...

LOL..somehow I turned this post dirty in my head! Don't ask!

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas. So happy for you. I bet you are just walking on clouds right now! I swear the stuff you write about on this blog about you and Gareth is better then the romance novels I read. I'm just saying! :)

freshie said...

wow what a tree. Love the star you have on the tree top too and the Christmas music selections of the blog. Sleeping under the tree sounds like it came out of the movie! Gareth is a romantic.

American Irish said...

To all, thanks for the comments. Hope your holidays were good if you celebrate them. Even if you don't, hope you had a great time.

Ing, you'r just a perv. That's why I love ya. lol