Friday, November 21, 2008

Return To Port


Anonymous said...

How great is to be home again!

arachne said...

how do u feel about pirates?

-Nuoto- said...

I'm italian and I would like to live in your country..

..but there is just a little "problem"
I love sea and i love swimming too..(I'm a swimming teacher)..the sea in Ireland is probably too cold for me also in summer!


..anyway i look forward to coming in Ireland!


dave said...

welcome back!

American Irish said...

It's great to be home and I am here for a whole week. I am ready for a break. It's been cold at sea.

I don't like modern day pirates.

Nuoto, you really don't want to go swimming in Ireland right now. You better stay where you are. You're boys will thank you for this advice. lol

Thanks Dave.

jahhy said...

Great photo!!

Please, change link. Burbujas Gay is closed. The new blog:
Burbujas De Deseo

Thanks...and Kisses from Spain.


American Irish said...

Thanks Jahhy, got your email and changed the link too. Have a good weekend.