Monday, April 30, 2007

The Park

Today, I went on a date with someone I am starting to really like. It was a sunny day, so we drove to the country and we stopped at little park along a creek. We took a walk and had a picnic. It was very peaceful and quiet. Nothing but us and nature. We talked about serious things and picked each others brains a little bit on where we stand in life. But most of the time the talk was centered on fun, silly talk and we spent a great deal of the time laughing. Most people are attracted to a body part, such as a nice butt or chest. For myself, I find it very sexy and romantic to see someones smile. All in all, it was a very nice day and I am looking forward to spending more time with this person.

When I came home, I took a nice long hot bath and got something to drink. Then I settle in and decided to watch some television shows that my friend taped for me. I have not watched much television since I came over here, it was good to just have a lazy day and evening.


Anonymous said...

aw, that is sweet. Anyone lucky enough to nab you is going to be one happy person. Wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Marisa - Uh oh, dating? Are you finally going to settle down and have some kids? Ok, so it was one date and I rush things like this. I am a girl, did you expect anything else?