Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Guilt Trip

So earlier today I did some dishes and then I noticed a couple spots on the counter top.  So I started cleaning the counter top and I realized the stove top needed cleaned up.  So I decided to clean the stove.  after doing that I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom.  While in there I decided I should clean the shower and the toilet and the sink.  Then I decided, well I should clean the bathroom floor and then I went out and cleaned the kitchen floor.  

After doing that, I went out back, sat the bucket on the deck and decided to sweep the deck.  Then I saw some branches on the tree that needed trimmed, so I got out the tree trimmer and proceeded to do that.  After doing that, I thought I should wipe off the chairs and table that are outside.  

After doing that I noticed the sliding glass door could use some cleaning.  The cats were running around playing and I decided to sit down with each one, trim their nails and comb their hair, make sure their ears and teeth are clean.  

While combing the cats, the outside light was shining in the living room and noticed the dust on the television.  So I decided to clean the living room.  All that was left was to run the vacuum, but Gareth was still sleeping so I waited on that. 

I just sat down and started watching the sports news about Wigan winning the FA Cup yesterday over Manchester City when Gareth woke up, walked into the living room, bedhead hair, wrinkled t-shirt and his little blue boxers and stood there looking at me.  

His comment to me, "Are you just going to sit there and watch sports all day?"

I didn't even turn my head, I just rolled my eyes into his direction.  At this point he mumbled, "love you" and disappeared out of the room.  

I got up, ran the vacuum and then spent the rest of the morning going over everything I did before he even got out of bed.  He has now been guilted enough to give me a back massage and buy me dinner. 


GVP said...

I thought I was the only one who go crazy when it comes to cleaning - I couldn't stop myself once I start. The last sentence had me smiling there :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, this is classic.

Anonymous said...

Love the part of how you just did the eye roll and he says love you. lol

Anonymous said...

You two would be good entertainment.

Anonymous said...

come clean my house.

Anonymous said...

I bet the sex between you two is steamy hot and passionate.