Saturday, May 5, 2012

Morning Movie Marathon

We want to go see the new Avengers movie, but we still haven't watched all the superhero's individual movies.  So we moved all of them to the top of our movie queue and have been watching them this morning.  Still have Thor and Captain America to watch.  We just finished watching Green Hornet and Green Lantern.  The Green Hornet was good, but I didn't like the Green Lantern.  I knew the story behind the Green Hornet because of Bruce Lee, but I never read the comic books or saw any shows on the Green Lantern and didn't know anything about that superhero.  After watching the movie I thought OK, I guess that explains why I never got into that superhero growing up.  

But I'm excited about seeing Captain America.  I read that comic book growing up and loved it.  Not sure about Thor, I loved the comic books for Thor, but not sure how the movie is going to be.  Several people have told us it sucked.  So we'll see how it goes.  

My favorites are still the original Iron Man movie and the Spider Man movies with Tobey.  Everyone is telling me they loved the Avengers, so I can't wait to go see that movie.  Plus, that movie has Jeremy Renner who I like and Chris Evans who Gareth likes.  


Anonymous said...

Chris Evans is so hot. He needs to lose the paper.

Anonymous said...

I shag both.