Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jimmy Fallon - Sexiest Celebrity Alive

People Magazine may have picked Bradley Cooper as their Sexiest Man Alive this year, but clearly they got it wrong.  To me Jimmy Fallon is the winner of this title.  GQ has picked him for Showman of the year along with Justin Timberlake, so apparently others are being won over by his charms.  Jimmy is not only a handsome Irish American, but he is the nicest man in show business.  You could say he was the male version of Betty White.  

The world can have their muscled Bradley Cooper, with his light blue eyes, deep tanned muscles bulging on muscles, and his hairy chest...and...what was I saying?  Oh yeah, the world can have Bradley, but I'll take my Jimmy with his every day man's cuddly body.  Plus, nothing is sexier than a man who can make me laugh and Jimmy Fallon has done that many times over the years.  

As I've mentioned several times on this blog the first thing that attracts me to a person is their smile and no one in show business has a sexier smile than Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

Never really noticed, but he is cute.

Anonymous said...

He has a nice smile.