Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Along The Coast

It's good to be back home today even though its a bit quieter now with only one of my little buddies greeting me at the door.  After slipping off my boots, I opened my duffle bag and took out the little wooden box that contained the ashes of my little girl cat.  Before coming home, I stopped by the vets office to pick up her cremated ashes.  I was kind of surprised by how small the box was and yet how heavy it felt.  I walked across the room and sat her on a shelf in the corner where she loved to nap and picked my little boy cat up and walked to the bedroom.  After sitting down on the bed and scratching his ears for a few moments we both fell on the bed and went fast asleep.  I awoke to him about 45 minutes later kicking me in the head as he tried to push me over for more room on the bed.  After lying there for a few minutes I peeled off my clothes and took a shower.  Being tired I forgot to shave, so I now have a slight beard growing. 

After the shower, I slipped on a pair of boxer shorts and me and the cat went to the kitchen to raid the fridge.  I could tell by the look my cat gave me after he inspected the fridge that I wasn't the only one disapointed to find only fruits and vegetables there and one lonely can of unopened tuna fish.  This is what happens when you live with a doctor who makes you eat healthy food.  So it appears I'll be doing some food shopping later today. 

After sharing a piece of cheese with the cat I decided to throw my sea clothes into the washer and then proceeded to play some video games but I got bored with that.  Part of me wants to go workout and hit the bags a little and then the other part of me is content after having a shower and feeling clean to stay that way and just relax and read a book.  After talking to Gareth on the phone and finding out he won't be home til late I decided to go see a movie, not sure which one yet, then do some grocery shopping.  Looks like its just going to be a boring day.

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WranglerMan said...

Sometimes the boring days are just what we need!