Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Season Update

Although I miss Gareth and my cats, life at sea has been great for the most part this season. Working with some new crew and we're still adjusting to each other. There are some that aren't very gay friendly and make crude remarks and jokes. I try to avoid them on my off hours and have been spending a lot of time in my bunk reading, listening to music, or watching shows I downloaded.

But we've done a lot of cool projects and the upgraded computer systems are fun to use. There is even some eye candy on the ship this season. A married guy in his mid twenties, brown hair, really cute and a really nice person. It's fun to watch the girls on the ship melt when he is around them. They don't even realize how they act around him which is why I find it so amusing. They toss their hair, nod in agreement, laugh at almost anything he says. It's quite amusing.

I've had the hiccups for fifteen minutes now and its getting on my nerves.


Ted said...

Hope the hiccups have long gone. It is good to hear your spirit is back and your writing still as sharp as ever, and hope that all is well back at sea. What type of ship are you on? and how many crew? People watching is always good fun, especially when someone has obvious physical appeal to others. Since you describe him as eye candy as well, I imagine your face/eyes may show your approval as well. Enjoy!

It is unfortunate that there are still those who cannot accept people as people and continue to belittle or make jokes. You're right to avoid them. Let's hope that your good presence on board might be a small step towards lessening their unfriendly attitude.

Carissa said...

Can't wait til you come back from your journey. Miss you when your gone. I get bored. You bring the life to our group.